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 Some of the stunning, never-right before-assured story of some of the weird business inside of the legendary Playboy Mansion—as well as, finally, the key uncomplicated truth in regards to the person exactly who bears each key—from a of each limited those who really understands: Hef’s previous #1 ex as well as leading of Each Women across the street
The spontaneous decision at age twenty-any changed small-city Oregon female Holly Sue Cullen at Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s #1 ex. But such as Alice’s journey in Wonderland, as soon as Holly plunged down the bunny hole, the things that appeared like the fairytale existence indoors some of the Playboy Mansion—plus A-list pop idol celebrations and also her very own #1-regarded tvs tv show for 4 many years—promptly devolved in a great tyrannical program of stringent rules, manipulation, and also fights alongside committed, backstabbing bunnies. Your life interior some of the notorious estate wasn’t an aspiration after all—and additionally suddenly became their horror. Once losing the girl personality, their sense of self-worthy of, as well as the lady hope regarding the future, Holly discover herself relaxing by yourself inside of a bath thinking suicide.
But alternatively of ending the lady everyday life, Holly chose to take charge from it.
In this shockingly candid as well as surprisingly relocating memoir, this thoughtful and additionally introspective lady starts up regarding everyday life in the house, some of the medication, the love, each neglect, the infamous celebrations, as well as this girl definite trailing-the-views lifetime using the Bridget, Kendra, and also, needless to say, Mr. Playboy himself.
With big courage, Holly shares the details of her following stressed partnership, getting her very own effective tv show, and also the frustrating work of treatment, most notably her start performing aided by the hollywood film stars. The cautionary story plus a event of individual empowerment, along the Rabbit Hole reminds us of the value of battling for the fantasies—and locating the life span you need.

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