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After #1 NY Times bestselling “Queen of Suspense” comes a exciting book regarding lacking billions, the

disgraced financier, and

they determined to educate yourself on a revelation

whatever it
Once the one associate up to a distinguished upscale indoors designer, Lane Harmon, mother in order to 5-season-previous Katie, is literally acquainted to viewing

opulent homes an
estimated the tri-state

region. The born optimist, Lane discovers each glimpse directly into most of these gilded realms

fascinating, as well as likes some of the repay of exceeding

each expectations of the often-demanding owners. When she actually is also known as to help as part of redecorating the small townhouse in Bergen

County, she knows work is truly strange. And then she learns some
of the self is owned by the girlfriend of a notorious and disgraced financier

known Parker Bennett.
Parker Bennett has been lost for 2 many
years. He decreased

from sight just
before information technology had been

found that the $5 billion dollars dollars inside the investment he previously been managing had vanished. Bennett had opted on their sailing boat as part of the Caribbean. Was information
technology suicide or possibly got

he staged his

disappearance? Each scandal some their name

has not died low. Their particular customers and also the national government mostly would you like to trace the income

and discover

Bennett in the instance she is even so alive.
Lane will amazed to acquire

herself relocated by Mrs.

Bennett’s relax pride and additionally supposedly

honest belief as part of her husband’s

innocence. Progressively, Lane has herself attracted to Eric, some of the

Bennetts’ child, that is similarly determined to indicate your their particular parent is certainly not guilty.

Lane doesn’t know that

some of the closer she grows to be able to each Bennetts, the greater she invest this girl your life―

and their daughter’s your life―in danger.

With all the locks-

raising storytelling skill with created this girl America’s “Queen of Suspense,” Mary Higgins Clark brings together a headline-producing economic scandal plus a amazing story of

deceptiveness and also betrayal right
into among her finest




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